Scaless - Fishing Rod Case - Combo

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Designed for packing your rod case equipped with reels. Ultimate purpose is to easily carry your rod and reel with maximum safety, Cushioned enough to prevent damage. This product is designed considering anglers who want to carry a combo fishing set eg:- rod equipped with a reel, tied leader line...

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Rod Tuble, SureCatch 4.5

Rod Tuble, SureCatch 4.5" 2230 length p...

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Rod Tuble, SureCatch 4.5" 2230 length plastic. Telescopic Rod case   * Extra Large Capacity  * Large diameter case holds many rods for extended trips  * Perfect for saltwater rods and other rods with oversized guides  * Telescopes from 1.5m to 2.2m  * One piece...

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