Pelagic Tribe was started by three Anglers in Bangalore, offering the best fishing tackle brands in the world. Supplies and Distributors – mainly to Indian and International markets, our aim is to build a trusted business network that connects to wholesalers, dealers, and retailers across India.
Our amazing fishing tackle products comprises a series of exclusive global brands such as ATC, JDM, Mepps, Mustad, Nomadic, SureCatch, Venom, Wilson, Zerek, and much more that are tested to ensure customer satisfaction. All these products have distinct attributes and specifications widely suitable for different fishing conditions.
Till now fishing tackle in India was sold by traders, which may have less or no knowledge about Sports Fishing Industry and also concerns about the quality standards of the product as well. Pelagic Tribe has a deep understanding of the products and tremendous knowledge in Sports Fishing Industry that has leverage us in selling excellent quality of fishing tackle products to our partners in India.
Our main purpose is to make each consumer educated about using the right brands and products, quality constraints and wasting money in buying wrong products, which does not fulfills the requisite needs of the anglers.With our striving effort in expanding our network, Pelagic Tribe has become a prominent leader in Sports Fishing Tackle Supplies and Distributors that connect to the shores of Indian water from all across the globe.Also a member of angling club, we reach out to one angler to another to add them in our club.

Pelagic Team

Our success is derived with continuous effort of our team, with their progressive endeavorsthrough their dedication, passion, and zest, all put together to achieve a sensational growth and prosperity in the fish tackling industry.
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